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Tampa Bay Snow Skiers and Boarders

Club Leadership 2017-18
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Board Members and Bios

Mike Pearson, President

Mike PearsonI became a member of the Tampa Bay Snow Skiers & Boarders in the 2009-10 season, traveling to Crested Butte for my first time.  That trip was so wonderful I swore I’d never ski without the club again.  Since then, I've traveled with the club on about 2 trips a year.  Every trip was spectacular.  I love skiing and hanging out with others with similar interests, and found that leading a trip enhances my enjoyment.  I was an assistant leader for my first time in the 2010-11 season, assisted the next two seasons, and have been a trip leader on one trip each year thereafter.  I first tried skiing on a road-trip with friends during a winter break in college.  I was fortunate to have several great ski experiences before joining TBSSB, but my trips with the club have been the best.  Come travel with us for your best ski trips ever.

I can be reached at (813) 505-2962 or email

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Joe Bayliss, Vice President

Joe Bayliss I am a native Floridian and lifelong resident of St. Petersburg. I am an owner/partner of a law firm and practice over a large part of the state. I have been a member of the club since 1996. I assisted as a leader for the first time in 1999, to Big Sky. Cheryl Gleaton was the trip leader and I learned more than I can remember from her mentoring me. Since then, I have led many trips for the club, including a very memorable trip to Snowmass with 65 travelers where our outbound flight was canceled the night before we left and our return flight was canceled the day before our return - very unforgettable!! I have served on the board in various capacities. I have served as the Sitzmark Editor, the Catalog Editor and Secretary. I also began a term on the board as the Vice President, but during that term, life reared up and threw a wicked knuckle-ball my way, and I had to step down and take a leave from the club. I am looking forward to serving on the board.

I can be reached at (727) 480-7311 or email

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Marci Foster, Secretary

Marci Foster Skiing with TBSSB for almost 10 years now has changed my life, seriously.  I have met the most amazing people that I am honored to call my friends and have been to absolutely the most gorgeous locations in the United States.  I have traveled to locations such as Telluride (got engaged at the top), Park City, Mt Bachelor, Winter Park, Big Sky, Jackson Hole and Alaska… twice, just to name a few.   I could have never done this if I did not belong to TBSSB. Traveling with a group is more fun than I could have ever imagined.  Enjoying the club and the people,  over the past 4 years,  I have been elected to serve  on your Board as Social Director, Assistant Treasurer and more recently your Catalog Director.  This year, my final year on your Board, I will be the Secretary.  If you have ever thought of group travel, think again.  It is life changing!  Travel with TBSSB and you will see too!

I can be reached at (727) 698-5987 or email

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Barb Shank, Treasurer

Barbara Shank I have been a member of TBSSB for over 25yr. I have been on the Board several times in the past. I have been a Leader or Assistant on countless trips over the years, which has given me a chance to meet a lot of GREAT travelers and form some lasting friendships. I appreciate the opportunity to again be on the Board for this Club and help keep TBSSB moving forward.

I can be reached at (727) 596-3247 or email



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Lynda Weaver, Assistant Treasurer

Lynda Weaver I have been an active member of TBSS&B for over 14 years. During that time, I have served every year as a trip leader or assistant for both domestic and foreign ski trips in addition to leading bike and barge adventures in Europe

In the past, I have served on the board of directors in the positions of Sitzmark director and Assistant treasurer. I have also served as a club officer in the position of Vice president for our club.

Professionally, my private fitness business has kept me challenged for over 18 years. Assisting clients attain the best possible health has been extremely rewarding. Past experience in long term care administrator positions and real estate managerial experience empowers me to be an asset to our board.

I welcome the opportunity to serve our growing club on the board of directors in the upcoming year as we grow and expand our membership and trip destinations.

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Rex Morgado, Director of Sitzmark

Rex Morgado I have been a member of TBSSB since 1992. I’m a native of Tampa and lived here all of my life. I started snow skiing in 1984. As a Trip Leader since 1994, I have lead 16 trips and co-lead 3. I have traveled on 2-3 ski trips per year when possible. I have served the club on the Board of Directors as a Director At Large and as Secretary. I have served the board as the Sitzmark editor (appointed 2010-11), was elected to the board and served as the Sitzmark editor again for 2011-2012, for 2012-2013 I was the Catalog Director and for 2013-2014 I served as the Secretary.

I have met some of the finest people and some of my best friends through TBSSB trips and functions. I have recruited new members to our club and encouraged some to get involved as Trip Leaders and Board Members. I look forward every year to meeting new friends and skiing with a variety of skiers & boarders! Other hobbies and interests include boating, fishing, scuba diving, water skiing, football & baseball with my family. I am an active member of the Tampa Downtown Lions Club and give back to the community in which I live and love. It is my intention to give back to the TBSSB, the organization and our membership as I serve the Board of Directors.

I can be reached at (813) 220-4048 or email

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Terry Barton, Director of Catalog/Marketing

Terry Barton I have been the Sitzmark Editor for the past 2 years. I have done my best to keep you all informed of all the club trips, events, and many other items of interest. We all have a desire to make TBSSB the best ski club in the country. Through the 9 years and 14 trips, I have discovered we have dedicated leaders and loyal travelers. The people in our club are special and bring an enthusiasm and spirit that gives me pride in saying that I’m a member. We always seem to succeed in the FUN department!!

I believe my organizational skills, negotiating skills, and financial skills can be useful to the club. I bring a strong sense of fairness when dealing with individuals and situations. When making decisions for the club, I promise to always go back to “what is fair and in the best interest of the traveler” and “what is fair and in the best interest of the club”.

I can be reached at (813)-495-8859 or email

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MaryAnn Olden, Social/Publicity Director

MaryAnn Olden I'm a new member of the TBSSB board and am going to be the Social and Publicity Director for the club. I'm excited about serving all the members and will plan many great events and activities. I've been a member of the club since 1998 when I was a new traveler. Since then I have gone on many trips with the club and started leading trips as an assistant trip leader and then a trip leader. I've been a leader on trips with 100 travelers three years in a row. What a challenge to learn everyone's names but a delight in meeting so many wonderful friends. I have met lifelong friends through our club and enjoyed many activities like Bike and Blading, Bowling, Golfing, and Baseball games besides skiing.

I've lived in Florida for 37 years and own an Interior Design firm, Design Source. I met my fiancée through the club on a ski trip to Lake Tahoe. So you see anything is possible when you have energetic, positive, people who love life and live life to the fullest. That's the description of a TBSSB traveler, and I hope you all can join in the fun.

I can be reached at (727) 424-7735 or email

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Toufic Moumne Trip Committee Chairman

Toufic Moumne, Trip Committee Chairman I took my first trip with our local club, Tampa Bay Snow Skiers & Boarders (TBSSB), in February 1989. It was a Florida Ski Council trip to Park City, Utah. I was very impressed with the organization and the camaraderie. I have been a member since then.
I served the TBSSB in several positions from assistance treasurer, treasurer, vice-president, president, past president to trip committee chair. I have been a trip leader since 1991. My biggest impact was focusing our leaders on the club’s mission statement, goals and objectives.
I also served the Florida Ski Council in several positions from secretary, treasurer, vice-president 1 & 2, president and past president. I am currently serving as the FSC vice president.
My biggest strength is learning and teaching. I learned from the previous TBSS board of directors and I continued their message to keep the club vibrant yet business like. I have helped many TBSSB board Directors, Officers and Leaders to be successful by assisting them with setting and attaining their goals. I served three times as a FSC representative (95, 06 & 07). I also wrote and presented a seminar on “How to Run Your Club as a Business”. I held the Secretary, treasurer, first, second VP and President for the Florida Ski Council. I currently hold the Past President position.
I was born in Lebanon so I have been skiing all my life (yes, Lebanon has mountains and snow). I am married to my wife Janice and have two wonderful daughters, Olivia and Jordan.
I am a graduate of the University of South Florida in Mechanical Engineering (BS in 84 & MS in 87). I currently work for the University as the Director of Operation. I manage the maintenance, utilities and the Energy Management Departments at the University.
In my spare time, I enjoy snow skiing, camping, off-road and on-road biking, and swimming.

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Mary Pulaski, Assistant Trip Committee Chairman

Mary Pulaski, Assistant Trip Committee Chairman I have been leading trips with the club since 1999. I have had many board positions over the years and am excited about this new opportunity of Trip Committee Chairperson. Being a member of the trip committee for more then 7 years I have helped with planning, pricing and ensuring the trip schedule is right for all our travelers. For our 2015-2016 season all trips are scheduled and will be advertised on our website in July.

I can be reached by email

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Karla McKenzie Newan, FSC Delegate, Past President

Karla McKenzie Newan, FSC Delegate, Past PresidentI have been an active member of TBSS&B for over 9 years and have had the honor to serve as Social Director, Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer, Vice President & President.  My past 2 years as President of TBSS&B were very eventful and brought many positive changes to the club.  

I have had the great opportunity to lead both domestic and international ski trips. I have met many great people and I have made lots of amazing friends! I love to ski and keep active!

I am very PROUD to continue to be part of the board and I am looking forward to representing the club as the FSC Delegate.

I can be reached at (727) 244-2036 or email

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Rob Livingston, Webmaster

Rob Livingston, Webmaster I have lived in the bay area for over forty years and have been graphic freelance artist for over thirty years. I first learned web design in 1999 which married nicely with my knowledge of graphic software.

I got my first taste of what it's like to ski with a group when in 2005 I went on a trip with Bill Jackson's to Big Sky. I loved the concept. I had a blast and didn't want it to stop. When Darry Jackson stopped running trips, due to the economy at the time, I looked for another outlet to continue. I found this group.

I became a member of TBSSB in 2009. I have been passionate about being part of the TBSSB team, doing the web and leading trips and making tons of new ski buddies. The web keeps me busy year round so I'm involved all the time and I love it!

Other things I like to do are inline skating, kayaking and volunteer kayak support at triathlons with Bill Jackson's.

I can be reached at (727) 656-0214 or email

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All meetings are Wednesday's at 7:00 PM at the Holiday Inn (Cypress and Westshore)
with Apres' Meeting Activity unless noted

..And This Is What They Do...

Provides leadership to the Club by setting goals and objectives; runs the Board meetings and serves as designated representative of the Club.

Vice President
Chairs the program committee, which is responsible for planning all Club meetings, arranging sponsors and coordinating programs.

Responsible for the maintenance and organization of all Club records, including minutes and correspondence, and inventory of Club stationary, office supplies and forms.

Issues monthly reports to the Board on expenditures and income for each budget category and trip. Is responsible for the training of accounting procedures for all trip leaders and assistants. Conducts reconciliation's with all trip leaders before and after their trips. Oversees Club office and prepares tax returns.

Assistant Treasurer
Works with the treasurer on monthly reports to the Board, trip leader training, reconciliation's, maintenance of Club office and preparation of tax returns.

Catalog Director
Responsible for preparing, printing and distributing the annual catalog of trips and the Club flier "Green Sheets".

Sitzmark Director
Prepares, publishes and distributes the Club's monthly newsletter "The Sitzmark.”

Social/Publicity Director
Promotes the Club and the Club’s ski trips through all possible methods, including print and broadcast media, fliers and speaking engagements. Seeks new ways to advertise the Club to increase Club membership.

Trip Committee Chairman and Co-Chairman
Responsibilities include, establishing the list of trips to be taken by the club, recruiting new trip leaders, training trip leaders, coordination of trips with Travel Agent.

FSC Representative
A little background goes with this one. Our Club is a member of an organization known as the "Florida Ski Council". This is a group made up of Ski Clubs from around the State of Florida. They hold meetings and set up trips that all participating Clubs attend. This greatly enhances our Club's "Buying Power" in the Skiing Industry. There are too many positive reasons that we are members of the FSC, to list them here. So essentially, the FSC Rep. is the liaison between our Club and the FSC. He is our voting delegate at all FSC meetings.