The Tampa Bay Snow Skiers and Boarders is run entirely by volunteers. Dedicated folks, contributing considerable time and talents to keep our Club, the "Best there is! !" Have ever wondered, "How can I help out?". Well, you have come to the right place. Below are descriptions of the various committees involved in the operation of the Club, hopefully, they may be of interest to you. Look them over and if you feel you are up to the challenge, then proceed, by following the links provided, and take first step in a rewarding endeavor.
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1.   Trip Leading  --  Every trip has a leader, most trips also have a co leader.  Co leading is the first step in becoming a "full fledged" leader.  You will be teamed up with one our experienced trip leaders, where you will pick up their "secrets" to running that "perfect" trip.  Additionally, all trip leaders are required to attend training sessions, where you will learn the basics of how to run a trip.  Even the experienced leaders are required to attend these sessions. This keeps everyone current on all Club rules and policies pertaining to running a trip, as well as instructions on how to manage the business of "trip leading" plus the tools we provide to make the whole process easy.  Trip leading is exciting, fun and personally enriching. 

2.   Sitzmark  --  This is the Club's newsletter that is published on a regular basis throughout the ski season.  As a volunteer, you would work closely with the Sitzmark editor, producing this publication.  Collecting articles, writing articles and interfacing with the printing company are just some of the tasks you may be called upon to accomplish.  It's a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of "What's happening" with the Club.

3.   Catalog  --  This is our annual publication, where we put together information about the Club, Descriptions of Trips and various other articles of interest that our travelers and prospective travelers can review, while deciding on which trip(s) they may wish to participate.  The Catalog editor and staff work hard throughout the Summer, in preparation for our Aug/Sept Kickoff Party.  This Book is our showpiece. It gets mailed to Mountain Reps and other ski industry folks, so it's got to be spectacular.  Great pride is taken every year by our Catalog team in the product they prepare. Every year there is considerable excitement associated with unveiling of the new Catalog.  If you've got that creative spark, maybe this is the committee for you.

4.  Social  --  If the written word is not your forte, maybe our Social committee is for you.  This group puts together all those fantastic events that you read about on this website and in the Sitzmark.  We go Biking, Skating, Bowling and Camping, just to name a few of our recent activities.  The Social committee is also responsible for "Getting our name out there".  They do have their own publication of sorts, it's call the "First Tracks".  It's that little email reminder that gets sent out to everyone in Club, promoting the upcoming events.  They also, attend most major sporting goods store ski sale events throughout the year, promoting our Club to the uninitiated public. If you're a "People Person" this could be the job for you.  Everyone has a blast at all of our events.

Note: Participation in one of the committees above does not prevent you from working on others.  Several of our members participate on multiple, if not all committees.  So don't limit yourself.  Broaden those horizons.

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